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Lindsey Hyson portrait

Clinical Psychologist

White River, Mpumalanga


I have always had the desire to work with people; to understand why we find ourselves repeatedly caught up in the same patterns and to help people deal with their difficult feelings and experiences in a healthy way.

I am passionate about working together with you as my client - to reflect back on your life and how your past and present contribute to your current feelings. I will work in partnership with you to help you make choices that enable you to live life optimally.


My goal is to help you achieve change and healing.

I am driven by the belief that change is possible in people who are willing to have the courage to be seen.

When people make choices in line with their authentic selves, they can more easily move towards desired outcomes

which are meaningful to them.

Working together

I work with teenagers and adults


I am experienced in treating -

  • mood difficulties including anxiety and depression

  • trauma

  • substance abuse and addiction

  • emotional regulation difficulties - working with individuals to expand their emotional coping skills

  • difficulties in interpersonal relationships

  • parenting

  • self-esteem difficulties

  • grief and loss

  • personal growth.

I have a special interest in couples and family therapy.

Couples may seek therapy for a variety of reasons, such as when trust has been broken, arguments are frequent, communication is poor and partners feel misunderstood or ignored.

I aim to provide a space for couples to identify their problems and equip them with tools to connect with and understand each other.


I aim to provide a place to build a conscious relationship, where stuck or dysfunctional patterns can be changed, and effective communication can be developed.

I conduct psychological evaluations for the purposes of assessing psychological damage in vehicle and pedestrian accidents.

I assess impairments to intellectual functioning as a result of traumatic head injuries as well as emotional difficulties such as post-traumatic stress and depression as a result of being a victim in a road accident.

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I am guided by my clients’ individual needs and my goal is to provide a safe environment, free from judgement so that together we can navigate a wide range of issues.


My therapy style has been influenced by several schools of psychotherapy and approaches including:

  • psychodynamic theory

  • attachment theory

  • Imago couples therapy

  • SHIP theory (spontaneous healing in intrapsychic processes)

  • family systems theory.


I use principles of DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy) where I focus on mindfulness, distress tolerance and interpersonal relationships.

I am interested in exploring early relationships and experiences and how they impact current relationships and behaviours.

I provide a space to think and make changes.

I believe that therapy enables growth. It strengthens our ability to take responsibility for ourselves and build resilience. It provides a context for honest reflection and assists us to show up honestly in our relationships and the different contexts of our lives.


In the setting of a trusting relationship, we can explore your world, new insights and new possibilities.

My therapeutic approach

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   If obstacles are removed, the individual will develop into a mature, fully realised adult,
just as an acorn will develop into an oak tree.

 - Karen Horney

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